Ecology and Nature in our B&B Mas du Tracol

Ecology at Mas

Our B&B is in a protected and classified area, so we naturally opted for a healthy, ecological and responsible lifestyle.

For us, our guests and for generations to come, we are constantly setting up our house to reduce the impact that tourism can have on the environment and we do not have chemical treatment in any place.

What is actually done:

  • Water saversEconomic light bulbs
  • Solar detectors
  • Selecting waste, composting
  • No pesticides or chemicals processing
  • Use of spring water and rain for the garden
  • Solar hot water
  • Organic shower gels and washing creams in dispensers
  • Washing sheets and towels on demand
  • Organic laundry
  • Breakfasts and gourmet baskets are mainly natural and local.
Nos poules
Our hens eggs
Solar hot water

Nature at home

We are lucky at the house to have very little light pollution and you can admire the Milky Way in your lounge chair in the evening. In 2019, these starry skies were awarded the “International Dark Sky Reserve” label.

Here, like many places in Ardèche, the fauna and flora are very preserved.

No intensive farming in the area and access to the B&B via a accessible forest road, an additional guarantee of tranquility and nature.

We leave a lot of wasteland or partially maintained to promote biodiversity: butterflies, pollinating insects, birds, wild and edible plants, as well as animals: hedgehogs, salamanders, deer, badgers, foxes, wild boars You will certainly come across them at nightfall…

You can also observe the moults of the cicadas and listen to the nightingale in the evening.
Beavers are present 3 km away on the banks of the Chassezac river.
Also protected species: Bonelli’s eagle nests in the Ardèche Gorge…

Outings with guides are organized throughout the summer.

Bumblebee on the Quince tree of Japan
Praying Mantis